Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018 Thinking about how I make meaning of my life and sense of purpose. It is still an open question for me. I circle the question warily because I can see the edges but not the bulk of it.. I know, for instance, that I’m less concerned with the details of […]


Here’s a snippet of a presentation that the inestimable Candice Frankovelgia and I did at the 2017 Human Capital Institute conference in October.

A client saw a portion of a talk I gave at the Human Capital Institute conference. She shared with her HR leader who interpreted it in a way I had not predicted: My statement: Every person in my organization has worth and value and can make a contribution. What HR leader interpreted: Every person in my organization

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The Carol Emmott Fellowship for women leaders in healthcare initiates its second class October 24 in San Francisco. We asked each of the Fellows to create an introductory video to get the community started. I decided to create one for myself. Here’s my stab at self-disclosure.